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Retezat National Park in Romania, located in the Southern Carpathians, encompasses Romania's highest mountain ranges and one of Europe's last remaining pristine forests.

Retezat means “split mountain” in Romanian, and according to legend, a giant’s bludgeon once hit the ridge, splitting it into two halves: The “Big Retezat,” with its high granite alpine landscape and the “Little Retezat,” dominated by rounder and softer mountains replete with limestone caves and Alpine meadows. With a wide variety of endangered and endemic plants and spectacular wildlife, - including the bear, the marmot, the viper, the chamois and the wildcat,- Retezat national park is included in the UNESCO network of biosphere reserves.

In the park’s surroundings ancient Dacian settlements, medieval orthodox churches and Transylvanian castles make excellent day trips.

Official site: http://retezat.ro/index.php/english/about-the-park.html

Retezat is a member of PAN Parks : http://www.panparks.org/visit/our-parks/retezat-national-park